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Power Plant
Zero Emission Power Plant
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Hydrocarbon cycle
Hydrocarbon combustion cycle
with intrinsic CO2 capture
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Zero emissions
Achieving Zero Emissions means
releasing Zero Greenhouse Gases
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Energy production
Improving power plant performance while avoiding climate change throw CO2 intrinsic captured
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Intrinsic CO₂ capture
CO₂ stream 100%
captured and valorized
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Our Commitment

Zero Emissions mean Zero Tax Costs

Astertech Cycle ® technology fights directly the pollution of the greenhouse gas emissions with intrinsic capture and reuse by liquefaction the 100% content of C0₂ in the HCs oxy-combustion.

Power Plant Higher Performance

Astertech Thermodynamic Cycle ® based on its Oxy-Combustion process generates a Performance and Production Yield ≥ 57 % LHV. Less fuel means same energy production.

Fossil Fuels Clean Management

Astertech Cycle ® transforms the Fossil Fuels into Neutral Emission Fuels, while implementing the use of Renewable Energy supplies, Hydrogen integration and SynFuel production.

Less Cost of Energy

Levelize cost of energy (LCOE), lower than 30 USD/MWh.

More Income

Aditional incomes throw CO2 captured and valorization.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein – German-born physicist


Making Energy Clean Environmental Friendly

The mission of Astertech is to provide advanced clean technology to the worldwide energy producers by generating lower-cost power with zero emissions.


Astertech technology implementation will help the world to meet its climate goals by 2030 – 2050.


Breakthrough Technology.

Astertech’s technology converts natural and renewable gas and liquid hydrocarbon into zero-emissions power. The cycle doesn’t just reduce the world’s carbon footprint; it also lowers the price of energy.

From 1MW up to 1GW, scalable and rangeable power plant could be designed and implemented.

Astertech Thermodynamic Cycle has the potential of spreading worldwide in small, medium and large scale  free carbon dioxide power plants.

“Words are opinion, not fact.
Action is the only Truth”

Marcus Aurelius – Roman emperor from 161 to 180 and a Stoic philosopher

Astertech Industrial and Commercial Applications

CO2 Commercial Applications

Jan 2020
Astertech History
UE Patent

January 24th, 2020. Patent publication

Apr 2021
Astertech History
Validation and Int Patent
  • April 26th , 2021. UPC Validation
  • April 30th, 2021 International Patent.
Feb 2022
Astertech History
USA Pantent

February 15th, 2022. Patent grant. Check details!

Mar 2022
Astertech History
Dynamic Simulator Model
Jun 2022
Astertech History

Laboratory Prototype Plant

May 2023
Astertech History
Pilot Plant

Industrial Pilot Plant

We make carbon emitting power plants economically and environmentally obsolete.

Zero Emissions

No carbon emissions or air pollutants.

Lower Power Costs

Astertech Cycle’s technology allows CO2 to be reused which drives performance and reduces the cost of electricity.

Complements Renewables

Astertech Cycle is the perfect zero emissions match for intermittent renewable energy thanks to its inherent energy storage capabilities and output flexibility.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Rather than emitting greenhouse gases, CO2 is captured and salable, along with other industrial gas coproducts (argon and nitrogen).

Made for Anywhere

Astertech Cycle’s technology complements current infrastructure, is compatible with low-grade fuels, is capable of water-free production, has a significantly smaller land footprint, and is universally permittable.


Whether you’re curious about our technology, patents, or even how to start implementing an Astertech Cycle, we’re here to answer any questions.